Best quality from Saaremaa, Estonia!

• Quality cremation urns
• Cremation urns made of ash provide durability
• Every cremation urn is hand sanded and varnished
• Our cremation urns have good resistance to temperature and humidity
• All cremation urns are crafted with all natural materials
• Choose a wooden cremation urn from six different styles
• Choose cremation urns from 17 different wood colors
• Our cremation urns are hand made by experienced skilled craftsmen

Cremation Urns , hand made and crafted from fine northern Ash. A quality cremation urn, made of ash, is an excellent choice when choosing a wood cremation urn . Display love with elegance by choosing one of these fine ash funeral and burial urns . A wooden cremation urn can be permanently displayed or buried.

Wood urn adds natural warmth, compared to the cold feel of iron or steel.